Is It Really That Bad?

Image from Mashable article. Image by: @flysonbeckford

Image by @flysonbeckford from article

Ok, so it does look like a dildo, but I seriously doubt it was intentional. Furthermore, if your child knows what it looks like then you, as a parent, should wonder what you’re doing wrong. Adults should realize that children don’t look at a toy and think, “Oh, you know what? That looks like a dildo”. Parents making a fuss over the toy is what will spark the child’s curiosity. Have a good laugh at the silly coincidence and move on.


The Nerve…

Today I witnessed an act that not only took a lot of nerve, but also required the person that performed the act to be a cold hearted bitch. How someone could stoop to the level this woman did is almost unbelievable. Her act was fueled by malice and contempt.

I have a friend that is going through a family crisis. She is under tremendous stress and full of worry. She has been working a full schedule despite the current circumstances she is dealing with. Believe me, working a full schedule would be a daunting task. She has not complained once and has rarely asked for any help, though help has been offered. She is staying strong and pushing forward.

Today she was blatantly told that her situation was less important than the situation others are facing. I can assure you the issue she is facing is a very serious matter. For this woman to say what she said she could be nothing but heartless. Her words were full of disdain and an outright inhuman rational of the situation.

It’s sad how people can stoop to treating others with such a low regard. It’s people like the woman I encountered today that truly worry me. This world is no longer a place where people can depend on each other. We sadly live in a society that is becoming more and more self centered. Few people offer help and support unconditionally. It’s truly unnerving seeing the very worst sides of humanity.


Many of the largest countries in the world have adopted a national healthcare system. Why? Because it’s more efficient, free from price gouging and every human being deserves to have basic healthcare. The USA needs to stop with all the political bullshit and adopt a national healthcare system that is available to all US citizens.

The biggest complaints I see are related to “paying for someone else” and “it will drastically affect how quickly you can receive care”. Both are bullshit.

Low income families and individuals already receive reduced cost or free healthcare. Guess who is paying for that? All tax paying Americans. So the argument of paying for someone else is moot. We already do that. The only difference is only some receive the benefits we all pay for.

When it comes to how quickly you can receive care it’s not going to be much different. Specialist appointments are already booked up months in advance. If you need a specialist chances are waiting months will be a major inconvenience. Unless you have a life threatening condition you will wait no matter what. The difference is everyone will have access to specialists. Not just those who have the top tier insurance package. Everyone! Guess what? When everyone has access to specialists there will be more specialist jobs available, because there will be more demand.

I don’t know how anyone could think it’s ok to let others suffer and not have access to healthcare. Everyone should have access to healthcare. No one should be left to die because they can’t afford the care they need. Period.

Know the Basics

OK, if you’ve read my last few posts you’ll know I work in online customer service. I love my job and I enjoy being able to help people. There is one recurring thing that comes up though…

How can people find a website, purchase a product, ask for help then be completely dumbstruck when you ask them to restart their PC? I just don’t get it. It’s one of the most basic things. It baffles me. LOL

/End Rant


Ok, first little tidbit. I work in online customer service. Over the years I’ve developed a habit of using emoticons. A LOT! 😀

I find that written communication can seem harsh at times. It’s easy to misunderstand things online. Emoticons add a bit of lightheartedness to things and help convey the intent behind written statements. So prepare yourself. If you read my blog you’re in for some heavy emoticon usage. 🙂

Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it. I don’t even notice myself typing them anymore. hehe